Mostly side projects and visual musings from Robert Ramsden

A very wind day.

Here’s an image from a picture book in development. The spread which this detail comes from may not even make it into the final book. It’s an image inspired by the great winds we had at the beginning of this year.

8 Questions

A little while ago I was asked to take part in the ‘8 Questions’ blog set up by Ania Stypulkowski. You can read my answers HERE of the blog.

Games of Chess – Battles & Patience

Every now and again I play chess with my now 6 year old son, and the rules are often stretched to accommodate his patience. I do enjoy these games, and for the most part he’ll accept that there are ‘rules’ of how the pieces move, but sometimes these lapse into a battle of patience (and lack of), wits (stretched), and cunning (how to sneak new rules in), and this is all part of the enjoyment! So much so that I draw images inspired by moments in the game, here are a few -

Chess (in colour).

I’m having a go at colour for these chess images, but not sure really, somehow the simplicity of the expressions have gone. We’ll see, or rather I will…

Spot the ‘intruder’ on the board, the rules are stretched to the limits at this point.

Bird drawings.

Drawing birds - getting ready for another project. Time to get to know the birds!

Change in the rules.

Dogs on certain days do seem to ‘change the rules’ of play…

No bee.

A page from a book I’m working on, and who would have thought that a bee would be missed? We would all miss them if they really did disappear, in fact it’s said that we would all die!

Dog and a Kite

A dog having difficulty with a kite, it’s a very windy day, and paws are put to the test.

I took time out to set up and get into mono printing, and to say it’s a quick and simple method of printing, well it took me all day to get into it enough to get these images how I liked them.

The Language of Spider man.

Peep Show ~ Set Sail for the Seven Seas.

I’m currently designing and making small ‘peep show’ boxes, with scenes from one of my stories. Here’s some photo’s which show me making the mock-up to test how it works, and iron out any adjustments needed. Set sail for the seven seas!

I’m making them to give away at the Private View of the exhibition of the MA in Children’s Book Illustration on the 13th Feb. Here’s a link to the show: LINK

Ghosts of Gone Birds (book).

The Ghosts of Gone Birds project brought together a ‘creative army’ to draw attention to the plight of bird species on the brink of dying out. The project puts on events, and exhibitions, and now a book which came out at the end of 2013. Visit there website here: LINK.

My chosen bird was the Red Rail.



Out for a walk

Out for a walk ~ caught in the rain.

I Spy - no eye(s)

The cover of a small book I made to entertain my son.

Moving Pictures

Work produced for the MA show, which runs from the 12th - 15th Feb 2014 at the Candid Arts Trust, London.

MA Children's Book Illustration graduation show

Having handed in all my picture book work for the final grading of my MA work, it’s now heads down time creating work for the end of year show. I’ll be posting snippets of the daily activities!

The Cambridge School of Art MA Children's Book Illustration graduation show is being held from 11 - 15th Feb at the Candid Arts Trust, 3-5 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ. It's close to Angel tube station.

I'll be sharing the Gallery with some very talented illustrators who've all been on the same two-and-a-half-year roller coaster ride.

The actual Private View is for the publishing industry only, but there will also be a gathering for friends and family on Saturday (15th Feb) afternoon too, where EVERYONE is welcome! I’ll be there too!

The gallery is open from 9-5 everyday, so if you can't make Saturday, but want to pop by, you won't be disappointed, have a look!

Link to the MA Children's Book Illustration web site:

Link to my page on the MA web site:

LINK to the Candid Arts Trust:

Here's the poster for the show by the brilliant Sarah Lodge

Competition: A Picturebook for Tomorrow

My picture book 'Under Cover' was picked as one of the competition entries for the 'Picture book of Tomorrow' exhibition at the 'Children’s Book Fair' in Seine-Saint-Denis, France held on 27 November to 2nd December 2013 (click HERE for their website.

Click HERE to see more images on my portfolio site